About GardenCart.ca

Forget the old wheelbarrow! Our selection of garden carts will make it easier than ever to tend to your garden!

Let’s face it: there is just more to life than a traditional one-wheel, “Rocky-in-Siberia”, “please-hold-the-door”, “oh-boy-watch-out!”, “oops…” wheelbarrow.

Ergonomic handles, all terrain wheels, 360 degree turns, easy dumping, light weight, high capacity – these are some of the features you will find in our carts!

We have one goal in mind: to bring the best carts to Canada at affordable prices. This isn’t as easy as it sounds: Canada is big and so are some of the carts which means shipping from across the border is expensive and time-consuming. Our model is to keep the best carts in stock in Canada and thereby provide them quickly and at great prices. Please see our Shipping & Pick up page for more.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope our carts will help you save time, effort, & money in making your garden beautiful!