Fold-it Carts

Tipke Fold-It Wagons

The Fold it cart is the best aluminium cart out there for gardening, boating, and marine applications. Made in Washington, USA, these wagons became super famous for their low weight, 20″ wheels, manoeuvrability, and stability over any terrain. Hardly any effort is required to move the cart with a 330 lb load on it. Once folded the carts require less than 2 sf storage space. Due to its light weight and small footprint when folded this is a perfect boating cart. These carts are super easy to clean because they are all aluminium – just use a garden hose and do not worry about any rust: the high-grade marine aluminium construction is completely rust and corrosion resistant, even after years of exposure to salt water. Engage in in the finest casino with us in best online casino bonus in the uk. Benefit regarding the primary 100 people!

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